Song – You Can Smile

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There are many troubles that will burst like bubbles,

There are many shadows that will disappear;

If you learn to meet them with a smile to greet them

For a smile is better than a frown or tear.


You can smile when you can’t say a word

 You can smile when you cannot be heard

 You can smile when it’s cloudy or fair,

 You can smile anytime, anywhere.


Other Verses


 Though the world forsake you, joy will overtake you,

Hope will soon awake you, if you smile today;

Don’t parade your sorrow, wait until tomorrow,

For your joy and hope will drive the clouds away.


When the clouds are raining, don’t begin complaining,

What the earth is gaining should not make you sad;

Do not be a fretter, smiling is much better,

And a smile will help to make the whole world glad.


By Alfred Ackley, 1935

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